Are Diet Supplements Safe and Effective?

Anyone who has ever tried to burn excess fat and lose weight wishes there was magic pill, that would help them to lose weight fast. This desire has led to dietary supplement companies filling the market with all kinds of weight loss supplements that promise potential customers to help them shed that unwanted fat safe and effectively. But just how effective are these dietary supplements and are they safe?

The Truth About Weight Loss Supplements

The truth is that most of the weight loss supplements on the market will do very little if anything to help you burn fat and lose weight. While there are a few, that may aid your weight loss, but their effectiveness is moderate and the negative side effects of some these supplements may not be something that most people would find worthwhile.

Take for instance the weight loss supplement Alli. This weight loss pill is designed to decreased absorption of fat, and it does perform this function to moderate degree. However, many people who try this weight loss supplement experience loose and uncontrollable stools, which are uncomfortable and can interfere with your day to day functioning. In addition, in some cases this supplement may prevent you from absorbing some important and necessary nutrients such as the fat soluble vitamins A and D.

In many other cases, weight loss supplements do nothing at all to actually help you lose weight, but many have negative side effects such as loose stools, raising your blood pressure, giving you the jitters, nausea, headaches and more.

May Interfere with Prescription Medications

In addition, just because a medicine is sold over the counter doesn’t mean that it is safe. Many weight loss supplements may interfere with prescription medications such as high blood pressure, heart and diabetic medications. Since these diseases are often the reason people seek to lose weight, taking over the counter diet supplements that make these medications less effective, or worse can make you sicker and more unhealthy than you are by being overweight.

The truth is that even the most effect weight loss supplements have negative side effects, so you should never take any of these supplements without consulting your doctor. Even if the doctor approves of the use of one or more of these supplements you need to remember that none of these supplements is a substitute for a good weight loss program and exercise.