Extreme Health and Fitness with a Dance Fitness DVD

When thinking about dance fitness, most think of Zumba or the Zumba dance fitness dvd.  If fact most of the women in my life rave about the workout program.  Salsa dancing your fat to oblivion.  Awesome right?!  Sounds like fun to most people. Personally I can’t dance so its kind of scary, but anyway, dancing is one of the most physically exerting activities your can participate in to hit muscles you never thought you had. So, you like to dance and want to improve health and fitness than  a dance fitness dvd is a great place to start.

Though Zumba is the most popular dance fitness dvd program it definitely not the only one. With TV shows like Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, dancing has become more and more popular and mainstream creating the interest to bring dance into our living rooms.  In fact, a quick search at Amazon alone produced 1,600 results for dance fitness dvd, so your options are nearly endless.   Beachbody also carries three such dance fitness dvd programs: Shawn T’s Hip Hop ABS & Rockin’ Body and Yoga Booty Ballet. Not to mention how intense dancing can be.  Have you see the dances on these shows.  Wow, their bodies are leaner than some athletes.  Dance is definitely and extreme workout when done right.

Beachbody’s Dance Fitness DVD Programs

The Hip Hop ABS dance fitness dvd uses hip hop moves to burn fat, slim your waist, and totally amplify your abs.  Shawn T takes you through step by step through every room so that you can not only learn new moves for the dance floor but maximize the benefit of every move. In Rockin’ Body, he builds upon Hip Hop ABS to to push you body to a dancing fit.  Meanwhile, Yoga Booty Ballet combines yoga, booty scalpting exercises, and ballet to tone and strengthen your core and butt.

Obvious the above is only a few of your many choices when looking for dance fitness dvd, so if you love to dance and want to get fit one of these might do the trick.  It is importance to enjoy what your doing for your work out routine, so keep an open mind and check out all your options. Your can have fun and have extreme health and fitness with any dance fitness DVD.